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The dakimakura is a large cylindrical pillow, with a full-length double-sided image of an anime character. The name “dakimakura” comes from the merger of two Japanese words: daki (抱き) — hug and makura (枕) — pillow. In English, this word can be translated as “hug pillow”.

  • Printing method: dye-sublimation;
  • Pillowcase material: gabardine, satin;
  • Printing on both sides;
  • Pillow filler: hollow fiber;

Closure: hidden zipper at the bottom edge of the pillowcase.
Order a pillow with your favorite anime character or TV series actor. A cool birthday gift and, most importantly, a huge one! DAKIMAKURA is most often purchased as a gift for a fan, as an interior decoration or to increase comfort during sleep. Choose a comfortable and perfect size for hugging. The pillow is soft, elastic and tightly packed with high-quality hollow fiber material. The filler does not cause allergies, keeps its shape well and dries quickly after washing. The pillowcase is soft to the touch. Bright high-quality print, sharp image. Up to 50 washes guaranteed. Hidden and almost invisible zipper at the bottom of the pillow. Fabric is satin or gabardine. Products made of this material absorb moisture well, have good air exchange properties, are not subject to static electricity, at the same time practically do not wrinkle, are not subject to deformation after washing, have high wear resistance, the pattern does not blur and does not deteriorate after cleaning or washing. So, both the appearance and the tactile perception became chicer and more refined together with the high-quality pattern. The shipping time is from 2 to 7 working days. But because of the pandemic, we do not deliver to some countries.
Hand washing – 40 degrees, do not bleach;
Machine washing – delicate mode, 40 degrees, do not spin and bleach;
Iron at a temperature no higher than 120 degrees inside out.
Get custom-made DAKIMAKURA with any personalized image!
We can make a pillow for you with the image of any character, actor, TV star or drawing as you wish!.

Care instructions:
Weight N/A:     Dimensions N/A
Size pillow:       30 x 70, 30 x 90, 40 x 120, 50 x 150, 50 x 170, 60 x 180, 60 x 200
Cover only!       Pillow sold separately.
Weight:             3000 kg
Inner pillow:     No, Yes
Material :           Atlas, Gabardine

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Three-head 18+
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Three-head 18+